Proton Ventures is an independent engineering company with activities in the chemical industry and in the field of engineering, procurement and cost calculations of turnkey projects. The team has a flexible and highly specialised organisation that develops fit for purpose solutions, tailored to the needs of the client.
Ioanna Aslani
Project Manager - Proton Ventures
Proton Ventures offers distributed ammonia, a product of great value in many rural areas with gas flaring.
Dr. Theo Fleisch
Advisor - World Bank/GGFRP
Proton is a learning organisation that maximises the use of lessons learned from job to job, and keeping up to date with latest developments in the markets, legislations & guidelines and qualified vendors, delivering across the board maximum value solutions.
Yorgos Dodoros
Process Design Engineer - Proton Ventures
Proton Ventures member of VoltaChem Community
Proton Ventures member of VoltaChem Community

Proton Ventures is now member of the Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem. Bob Weehuizen, Project Engineer, about this membership: “Proton Ventures is already many years active in promoting the decentral production of ammonia. Due…

Latest Project
FlexNH3 project
FlexNH3 project

Download our brochure The FlexNH3 project proposes the usage of ammonia as a renewable energy storage medium. The power-to-ammonia concept offers a totally carbon-free energy storage route with a diversified…

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