Proton Ventures member of VoltaChem Community

28 June 2016

Proton Ventures is now member of the Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem.

Bob Weehuizen, Project Engineer, about this membership: “Proton Ventures is already many years active in promoting the decentral production of ammonia. Due to large amounts of renewable energy the need for storage of energy will increase largely the coming years. Also there is a need for more carbon free fuels. Electrolysis of water and then making ammonia of the produced hydrogen is a good solution for these challenges. VoltaChem supports the electrification of the chemical industry and can help Proton Ventures to achieve its goals.”

About VoltaChem
VoltaChem is a business-driven Shared Innovation Program that connects the electricity sector to the chemical industry. New technologies are developed and implemented that focus on the conversion of renewable energy to heat, hydrogen and chemicals.

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