Large scale energy storage by using NFuel technologies

28 September 2017

Monday September 25th our director Hans Vrijenhoef presented at Startup Fest Europe – New Materals for Building a Sustainable world about large scale energy storage by using NFuel technologies.

Interested in the presentaion? Download the presentation here.

About Startup Fest Europe 2017

In the first half of 2016 The Netherlands held the presidency of the European Union. StartupFest Europe was a great way to show the world that the West Coast of Europe is a hot bed for startups and innovation. We did this with inspirational speakers, mind blowing demos and great opportunities to make deals, deals and deals.

Startup Fest Europe was initiated by StartupDelta after consultations in early 2015 with leaders of the Dutch startup ecosystem. The consulted leaders were virtually unanimous in their conclusion that the Dutch Startup Ecosystem would benefit greatly from organizing a European startup event that would facilitate world wide matchmaking between funds, startups, talent and centers of excellence. These ingredients were the core of StartupFest Europe 2016. In 2017 we build on the succes of StartupFest Europe 2016 with a new edition of the festival.