Proton Ventures BV developed the NFuel concept, based on decentralized production of Ammonia (Tradename: ©NFuel) from surplus electricity or stranded gas. The ammonia can be used as a fertilizer, industrial chemical, NOx-capture, or potentially an energy carrier.


Proton's NFuel systems

Power2Ammonia: Stranded/Surplus electricity to ammonia Gas2Ammonia: Stranded/Flare gas to ammonia

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Highlights of our NFuel technology

- Fully automated process, design & control logic based on safe operation
- Zero Carbon process
- Safe and Proven technology
- Patented electrolysers (Power2Ammonia) or Gas Reformer (Gas2Ammonia)
- Decentralised – no transport/clearance/standards
- Long technical life ( including catalysts)
- Recognized international partners for supply of equipment



Click to download overview of our NFuel systems (pdf)