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Strategic collaboration Proton Ventures and Duiker Combustion Engineers

Rotterdam, July 30 2019 – As of July 25th Proton Ventures BV and Duiker Combustion Engineers B.V. started a strategic collaboration. Companies will collaborate for, among other things, start-up of mini-ammonia plants in combination with the Stoichiometry Controlled Oxidation (SCO) technology developed by Duiker Combustion Engineers. S.C.O technology converts ammonia into high temperature heat.

Proton Ventures develops worldwide small-scale ammonia plants for conversion of wind and solar energy into ammonia. Duiker CE technology burns ammonia-rich streams in a furnace environment with very low NOx formation and without CO2 emissions. S.C.O. technology makes it possible to save fossil based energy and producing less CO2 and NOx emissions, because the ammonia containing fuels are oxidized in a controlled manner.

Hans Vrijenhoef, CEO Proton Ventures: “We like to collaborate with partners to complete the chain of using ammonia as an energy solution. This includes also power and heat generation and solutions for energy storage. The S.C.O. technology of Duiker CE opens new possibilities for us in applying local ammonia production from small to large scale, such as conversion of power plants to cleaner fuels while maintaining the existing installations. A combination of our expertise leads to this unique collaboration.”

Enter new markets

With this collaboration Duiker CE is also entering a new market. Currently, Duiker CE mainly operates in the (petro)chemical industry, where the S.C.O. technology has now proven itself technically and commercially. Albert Lanser, Duiker CE Business Development Director: “This collaboration offers us the opportunity to place our S.C.O. technology worldwide on the map in a completely different customer segment than we currently serve. Moreover, this S.C.O. technology is in combination with ‘green’ ammonia production unit capable of making a real contribution to the climate because ammonia does not emit CO2 during combustion. The collaboration with Proton Ventures, for example, has a reinforcing effect on the business proposition. After all, we can now offer the customer a total concept for making his / her heat demand or production process more sustainable.”

About Proton Ventures
Proton Ventures B.V. is an engineering company specialized in ammonia related technology and products. Proton is experienced in building and running pressurized and refrigerated ammonia terminals. Furthermore, it has experience in storage concepts for chemicals and liquid fertilizers for agriculture and horticulture. More information:

About Duiker Combustion Engineers
Duiker Combustions Engineers is specialized in development, design, supply, installation and maintenance of combustion systems for liquid and gaseous fuel processes for oil refining, chemical and natural gas processing industries. Thanks to more than 45 years of experience and highly qualified engineers, Duiker CE has built up a world-wide reputation with combustion- & process installations with excellent performance and is the market leader in designing and supplying process burners for installations that recover sulfur from H2S (SRU’s).More information:


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Duiker Combustion Engineers B.V.
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‘Power to X’ Technology to Develop Renewable Energy in Morocco

A workshop explores the economic and environmental benefits of ‘Power to X’ technology.

Rabat – The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development, the Research Institute of Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) and the Secretariat of the Moroccan-German Energy Partnership (PAREMA) organized a workshop to discuss ‘Power to X’ technology.

Held in Rabat, on Monday, February 11, the workshop gathered public authorities, researchers, and private stakeholders all working to improve the North African country’s energy sector.

“Power to X” (or “P2X”) is a technology that allows the transformation of electricity into another energy vector. This vector “X” may cover some industrial or mobility needs. It can also be a synthetic gas such as hydrogen.

After setting up a national commission to display a ‘Power to X’ roadmap, the workshop sheds light on the “Power-to-X” technology and its opportunities in Morocco.

The workshop was also an opportunity to explore the economic and environmental benefits of ‘Power-to-X’ sectors in Morocco, with the aim to develop the local industry to achieve strong export potential.

Promising prospects

During the workshop, the German institutes Fraunhofer IMWS, IGB, and ISI, presented two study results which highlighted some of the prospective economic and environmental benefits of ‘Power-to-X’ in some sectors in Morocco.

“Due to its relevant geographical location and exceptional potential in wind and solar energy, Morocco could capture a significant share of demand for ‘Power-to-X’, ranging between two and four percent of the global demand in 2030,” according to the studies.

A new study is scheduled to concretize the roadmap into a project to develop Morocco’s experience in this area and make it an investment platform.

In his introductory speech, Badr Ikken, General Director of IRESEN, shared his optimism about the future of the sector in Morocco. Ikken presented the new Moroccan research platform for the Power-to-X, highlighting the efforts being invested to bring the sector to new heights.

With an estimated budget of 150 MMAD, IRESEN will be dedicated to R&D (development and research) demonstration of “Power-To-X” technologies.  Ikken explained that the institute will mobilize a diversified research program on hydrogen application in the production of green molecules such as Methanol or Ammoniac.

Press release: NH3 event announces big names for third edition

Schiedam, February 12 2019 – After two successful editions the NH3 event returns June 6 & 7 in Rotterdam for the third edition. Ammonia is still an underestimated route in the way to sustainable energy. At the NH3 event societies, industries and academics, including well-known experts, developers and scientists gather to present the latest research results, present achievements, application fields and business prospects in energy solutions. And this year with very interesting names; keynote speaker this year is Ad van Wijk, sustainable energy entrepreneur and Professor Future Energy Systems at TU Delft.

‘We are very proud that we get Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk as keynote speaker’, says Hans Vrijenhoef, chairman of Stichting NH3 event. ‘Professor Ad van Wijk is known as hydrogen-ambassador. We are looking forward to hear his vision on sustainable energy and ammonia (NH3) as energy carrier.

Promising program NH3 conference 2019

Program of the NH3 event is prublished online since February 1st. Trevor Brown, Industry changemaker: sustainable ammonia from New York, USA says: ‘The NH3 event has announced a fantastic schedule of presentations. Anyone looking to understand the role of ammonia in clean energy and carbon-free fuel applications should check your diary.’

Beside the keynote of Ad van Wijk, the event also presents Edward Cussler, professor at the University of Minnesota, to tell his vision on ‘Isothermal Ammonia Synthesis and Separation’.

Curious to the program and registration possibilities? Take a look at:

About the NH3 event
This European Conference on Sustainable Ammonia is an initiative of Stichting NH3 Event Europe to make the possibilities as ammonia as sustainable (energy) solution public. The event is organized in collaboration with Proton Ventures, Yara, Casale, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG and Duiker Combustion Engineers.