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Meet us at StocExpo 2019 in Rotterdam

March 26th  – 28th , 2019 the StocExpo will take place in Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This year Proton Ventures will also be present at this Expo. You can find us at booth C18.
We can offer you the possibility to register for free for this event! Register via following link.

Do we see you as well March 26th  – 28th in Rotterdam?


Battolyser wins Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz 2018

During the Industry & Energy Congress 2018 Battolyser was declared the winner of the Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz 2018. According to the jury the combination of an efficient battery and an electrolyser that can produce hydrogen and oxygen brings together te best of both worlds. The potential impact of the Battolyser on the sustainable energy system makes it a true Industrial Energy Enlightenment.

The integration of Edison’s nickel-iron battery with robust alkaline electrolyser technology yields an efficient battery and -when fully charged- an electrolyser that can produce hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen can be used as chemical feedstock or be stored as fuel for seasonal storage, while the battery provides electricity storage for minutes, up to day and night. Overall energy efficiencies reach 80 to 90 percent. This development from the research group of prof. Fokko Mulder at TU Delft is now taken forward in the start-up Battolyser BV founded by TU Delft, Proton Ventures and Mulder. A first up-scaled battolyser pilot plant is currently being realised next to Nuon’s Magnum powerplant in Eemshaven.

Battolyser competed against Metalot and Qpinch. Innovation platform Metalot has already prepared plans to convert the Uniper coal-fired power station into an iron powder plant. The Belgian startup Qpinch has studied the processes of energy conversion of human cells and mimics them to upgrade industrial residual heat of around 75 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius.

With the Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz election we want to inspire the industry and energy companies in applying promising innovations. And we want to give a boost to innovations and processes. A professional jury has divided the points for 60 percent, in addition, visitors to Industry&Energy were also allowed to vote (counts for 20 percent) and people could vote via the internet (also counted for 20 percent).

Trade mission to Canada

Proton Ventures BV was invited for the trade mission to Canada. Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands visited Ottowa to meet Prime Minister Trudeau.  Our colleague Jacco Mooijer joined this mission and introduced Monia, our ammonia mascot, to Rutte and Trudeau.

We were very honored to be invited for this trade mission. We are looking forward to all new adventures in Canada!

Photocredits: Adam Scotti (@AdamScotti on Twitter).