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Press release: Proton Ventures nominated for NAM70 Challenge

Schiedam, April 3rd 2018 – Proton Ventures B.V. is one of the nominees of the last round of the NAM70 Challenge. This was just announced by NAM, de Dutch Petroleum Society. Proton Ventures is chosen from a series of 45 solutions from 13 countries; from Canada to Australia, from South Africa to Finland and from Israel to the Netherlands.

NAM would like to take the next step in the acceleration of the energy transition and called on international growth companies that are working on a solution for large-scale storage of sustainable energy to take part in the NAM70 Challenge. Proton Ventures also submitted a proposal: the Power-to-Ammonia concept.

Proton Ventures about the nomination

Bob Weehuizen, Business Developer at Proton Ventures about this nomination: “We are very pleased and honored with this nomination for the NAM70 Challenge. Especially given that we have been chosen from so many submissions! Storage of renewable energy is a challenge. With the concept we offer, it becomes possible to store sustainably generated energy via hydrogen cheaply and efficiently in the form of ammonia. As soon as the demand for energy rises again, the stored renewable energy in the ammonia can be converted back into hydrogen and from there into electricity. Also called Power-to-Ammonia and Ammonia-to-Power. Because this type of energy (storage) does not use carbon (C) but nitrogen (N), this concept is also called NFUEL. ‘

Final of the NAM70 Challenge

In the coming weeks Proton Ventures will face the British Storelectric with ‘Compressed Air Energy Storage’ and the French Eco-Tech Ceram with ‘Thermal Energy Battery with Ceramic Cells’. The winner of the NAM70 Challenge will be announced on June 6th 2018. The winner will receive a cash prize of 50,000 euros, but can also count on NAM as a customer. The winner implements the proposed innovation together with the NAM.


About Proton Ventures

Proton Ventures is an engineering company specializing in ammonia-related technology and products. Proton has extensive experience in building and designing both pressure storage and refrigerated storage of ammonia and small-scale ammonia plants. We are also specialized in storage concepts for chemical and liquid fertilizers for agriculture and horticulture.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jacco Mooijer
Sales Manager
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Meet us at the Energy Storage 2018

March 13th, 14th and 15th you can meet us at the Energy Stoage 2018 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Do you want to know more about Power2Ammonia and meet Monia? Please pop-by our stand 8bF01! We are very pleased to answer all your questions.

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Press release: Proton Ventures and TU Delft join forces in Battolyser B.V.

Schiedam, February 13th 2018 – Proton Ventures B.V. and Delft University of Technology joined forces on 5 February with the founding of Battolyser B.V.. This new company aims to conduct further research into the newly developed battolyser technology. After the research phase, the goal is to start a pilot project in which a demonstration unit is built with a battolyser.

The research group of Prof. F.M. (Fokko) Mulder of the faculty of Applied Sciences at TU Delft has developed the battolyser technology. The Battolyser is a new technology that combines electricity storage with the battery function of electrodes. When the battery is fully charged, the battolyser becomes an efficient electrolyser that produces hydrogen and oxygen.

Sustainable storage of electricity and conversion to hydrogen
According to Battolyser B.V, the innovative battolyser will play a central role in the sustainable storage of electricity and the conversion into hydrogen, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Prof. dr. Dr. F.M. (Fokko) Mulder, adviser of Battolyser B.V. explains: “This is because the Battolyser, with respect to battery and electrolysis properties, can compete with independent battery and electrolyser systems in the areas of: use of common materials, lifespan, energy efficiency and costs. The existing battery and electrolysis solutions use less available materials such as lithium, cobalt and rare precious metals such as platinum and iridium. The potential of the Battolyser technology is that it can be used on a global scale in many GW / GWh plants where green power generation capacity is realized of such a size.”

Proud of collaboration and new company
The founding of Battolyser B.V. is a fantastic step for both organizations. Hans Vrijenhoef, director of Battolyser B.V.: ‘I am very proud of this collaboration that Proton Ventures has entered into with TU Delft. By joining forces in Battolyser B.V. this new technology is immediately put on the map worldwide. From several multinationals, great interest has already been shown in this new technology. I look forward to working with the Battolyser team and rolling out the battolyser further.’