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deNOx and N2O removal

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Nitric Acid plants are now globally striving to reduce both NOx (acid rain precursor) and N2O (298x CO2 equivalents) emissions. Apart from the environmental benefits, reducing
N2O emissions from nitric acid units is a cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Proton Ventures conducted the Basic and Detailed Engineering Project for the deNOx and N2O emissions reduction in a major Nitric Acid production plant in Southern Europe.
This ammonia injection-based Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) project in collaboration with world-class catalyst provider Haldor Topsoe confines NOx emissions to less than
25ppm and decrease N2O to below 40ppm. Proton Ventures is procuring this combined NOx&N2O tertiary catalyst (TertiNOx™) which is highly active for NOx removal and will
ensure compliance with NOx regulations while removing N2O.

Proton Ventures is also undertaking the start-up and training of the unit’s operators.

Our activities
• Basic & Detailed Engineering
• Catalyst Procurement
• Start-up
• Training

Power to ammonia

Power2Ammonia - Proton Ventures

Small scale ammonia production

Proton Ventures is able to design a small-scale ammonia plant with the NFUEL unites. As a feedstock for this ammonia production electricity produced from renewable sources (wind turbines, PV) can be used. This new concept makes it possible to produce green decentralized ammonia which can be further used as:

  • Nitrogen carrier (fertilizer)
  • Hydrogen carrier
  • Energy storage
  • FUEL

As a basic design Proton Ventures offers three different capacities (see table). Within the range of the capacities Proton Ventures deals with the supply and demand of the energy market in order to produce decentralized ammonia.

(Waste) gas to ammonia

Gas2Ammonia - Proton Ventures

The general worldwide production of ammonia is based on natural gas as a feedstock. These production facilities have high capacities and are located on various locations where natural gas is available.

Proton Ventures offers modern technological capabilities which make it possible to move away from large scale plants and towards small-scale ammonia production (NFUEL units). With this approach and technology Proton Ventures can provide customers with small scale ammonia plants, insuring customer’s independence on the transport cost and the NH3 price fluctuations. As a feedstock natural gas, biogas or flare gas can be used. Herewith it is possible to produce ammonia from a waste product.