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A project in association with Baltic Chemical Terminal (BCT)

AS BCT is a state-of-the-art terminal concept at the Estonian port of Sillamäe that stores and transships ammonia and liquid mineral fertilizers.

Proton Ventures has realized two ammonia tanks of 30,000 metric ton capacity each and four UAN tanks of 20,000 metric ton capacity each. The liquid ammonia can be
delivered from Novgorod district by rail and forwarded to customers by sea-going vessels. The system provided includes specialized containers for UAN transshipment.

Our activities
• Basic & Detailed Engineering
• Design studies
• Services
• Procurement
• Commissioning & Start-up
• Operators’ training

FlexNH3 project

FlexNH3 project

The FlexNH3 project proposes the usage of ammonia as a renewable energy storage medium. The power-to-ammonia concept offers a totally carbon-free energy storage route with a diversified application palette.

This study examines the technical, economical, social and legal feasibility of transforming electricity into ammonia and the use of ammonia as an energy carrier or other industrial applications. Ammonia is a flexible chemical that can be used as a fertilizer, chemical commodity, de-NOx agent and energy carrier. Given this flexibility of usage, and given the fact that the supporting infrastructure for the transport, distribution and usage of ammonia is already in place, it makes ammonia a good candidate to be a large-scale, non-carbon, energy carrier of the future.