Paper: Opportunities for small scale ammonia production

04 July 2017

Paper presented to the International Fertiliser Society at a Conference in London, United Kingdom, on 29th June 2017. 

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SUMMARY. The paper reviews the technical and economical parameters for which mini-ammonia production will become feasible. Producing ammonia at a small scale means that the ammonia produced is usually more expensive in relation to capital expenditure costs, but is more environmentally sustainable, or can have lower operating costs than ammonia produced on a large scale, if produced based on sustainable, low cost or waste energy sources. The avoidance of storage and transport costs can mean that the overall operating and capital costs will be close to, or even below, the sales prices of large scale produced ammonia once brought to remote locations. As a result a credible business case can be developed, depending on the location and source of the energy, natural gas and/or hydrogen.