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Ammonia provides key to sustainable future

‘Power to ammonia’ examines storage of renewable energy in liquid ammonia

Read the article in NPT Procestechnologie (Dutch):

KenNet Business tennis tournament 2016

KenNet Tennistoernooi 2016

Friday September 23, 2017 we had our yearly tennis tournament in Brielle. With more than 40 attendees, beautiful weather, a tennis clinic, Chinese food and a Chinese dragon dance, we look back at a very good KenNet Business tennis tournament 2016.

Did you miss this edition of the tennis tournament? Sent an email to We will contact you for our next tournament in 2017.

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New assignment in the Angola

New business opportunity in Angola.

Last week we had a little party at the office. We got a new assignment in the Republic of Angola! While eating cake, our director Hans Vrijenhoef pinned a flag in our world map.

We are looking forward to this assignment in a, for us, new part of the world!