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Proton Ventures at BNR Duurzaam (Dutch radio)

Monday April 4th Proton Ventures was interviewed by the broadcast BNR Duurzaam. Our director Hans Vrijenhoef was questioned about ammonia as an energy carrier.

Listen back the interview (in Dutch) at

Storage specialist develops solid energy

The South Holland made (medio 2015) 2,1 million euro subsidy available for companies who outshine in innovative durability projects.

Proton Ventures, based in Schiedam, sent in 3 project ideas and got rewarded by three subsidies. Proton targeted as storage specialist previously mainly on storage of ammonia, hydrochloric acid and lpg. Director Hans Vrijenhoef wants to make the harbor of Schiedam, and preferably whole Schiedam, durable with among other things ‘liquid’ electric energy.